Executive and Specialist Recruitment across East Anglia.

Unlike many other recruitment firms, Badger Associates distinguishes itself by not hoarding hundreds (or, in some instances, thousands!) of CVs indefinitely in the hope of a potential match.We only retain a candidate’s CV if we genuinely believe there is a realistic chance of securing them meaningful employment. We recognise the detrimental impact of false hope on individuals seeking new opportunities, and we are mindful of that. Consequently, our candidate showcase is intentionally limited, as we only feature individuals who have truly earned their place here. These candidates have stood out due to their tenacity, determination to secure a new role, willingness to go above and beyond, or possessing a unique skill set. Each candidate featured here has earned the right to be showcased, and we recommend them to you. If any catch your interest, we are just a phone call away.

“Those very special candidates…..for those very special employers.”

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