The story begins…..

Badger Associates began life on an aeroplane above the North Sea. The Founder was on his way to a business meeting in Germany and had the idea for a recruitment company with a difference operating primarily in Eastern England. The Business Plan began to take shape but was filed away in a briefcase for two days until the meeting was over. On the return trip it was revisited and still seemed to make sense. Informal discussions with senior business leaders, bankers and accountants suggested that it just might fly……and 23 years later it is flying higher than ever, having weathered the storm of the worst recession on record.

From the outset it was necessary to differentiate this small newcomer from the mass of recruitment companies available locally and nationally. If it was to survive it had to be better than those already populating an overcrowded marketplace. The decision was made to concentrate solely on executive and specialist recruitment rather than try to compete with those offering temporary staff whose sole aim in life would be to make themselves a complete nightmare, determined to ruin the reputation of the company trying to keep them in gainful employment.

The company began to develop a website. No name yet, just a website. With no financial resources web development was self-taught and loads of mistakes were undoubtedly made. We had no idea, for instance, that our efforts to construct a site were visible to others and it was this very mistake that launched the company. A large, quirky and still active American cosmetics company called and asked if we would find them a UK Sales Director. This was to be their first UK appointment. What they didn’t know was that it was to be our first appointment as well! “Thinking on feet” kicked in and the assignment was accepted. What should have been at least three months work to establish advertising channels and set up systems was condensed into just three days and a number of candidates were identified, interviewed in London at the Institute of Directors and an appointment was made. The bill was submitted and paid within a week. A bit embarrassing when they asked for the company named and bank details for the payment – we had missed that bit! Despite doing everything in the wrong order the company had funds and was up and running. The first client, to this day has no idea that we were flying by the seats of our pants…but somehow I think they would love the idea! They still have a great “philosophy” (there’s a clue there!).

Over the years we have held firm to our principles and still try to stick with what we are good at and only enter another area if we really believe we can be better than that which is already in place, never being afraid to bring in expertise as long as the people we work with are the best in their business.

So, that’s us. Why not give us a call and tell us about you and your dreams and aspirations for your company. We would love to help you to make them a reality.