There has probably never been a more important time to have the optimum CV. 

CV Review Service

There has never been a more important time to make your CV really work for you. There are more candidates for every job than ever before and you will get, typically, around 7 seconds for your CV to make an impression – good or bad. You won’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. You know how good you are – start telling your future employer.

At Badger Associates we receive hundreds of CVs every week. The ones that stand the best chance of impressing us, and therefore your potential employer, are those that are well presented, unfussy and tailored to the role for which you are applying. ‘Machine Gun’ CVs are pretty easy to spot. The ones that are hastily put together with minimal effort and sent to any and every vacancy in a geographical area. They receive the consideration they deserve. Then there are the ones that have been resurrected from a dusty old digital file on a laptop somewhere. They have languished there since you applied for your current role. A few quick tweaks to add your latest role and ‘bingo’…it’s ready to go. Only it really isn’t! Fashion in CVs writing and what is expected, change subtly, but regularly. You could do so much better.

Finally, there is the CV that was produced for you by a ‘CV writing professional’. Maximum of two pages, sterile and giving stark, bare facts and figures without in any way reflecting your personality. Your CV is your advertisement for you. Who says it should only be two pages? Who says what information can be left out? The very information that may make the difference between being called for interview or not.

Times are tough for job seekers today. They won’t be getting any easier for the foreseeable future. In an attempt to assist candidates in these difficult times we are offering to review and re-compose your CV using the latest trends, buzz words and employer attractions and removing all the fluff and words that simply put reviewers off before they start their seven seconds. How many CVs, for instance, have candidates referring to themselves as being ‘highly motivated’? Or ‘highly anything else’. What does it even mean? Take it out – now.

We have kept the price of our review as reasonable as possible and the standard price will be just £99.00 (including vat). If we think it doesn’t need anything doing to it, we’ll say so. If you want a complete, bottom up re-write, then it could be as much as £160.00.

It’s important to note that having your CV reviewed and re-composed by Badger Associates in no way guarantees interviews, or that new job. If only it were that easy, eh! Also, not having it reviewed by us will not put any applicant at a disadvantage. The choice is entirely yours.

Simply send us your CV. We will contact you for a discussion about anything that you feel needs adding or updating and we will have a refreshed CV back with you in three days. Couldn’t be easier. Just pop an email to and we’ll do the rest. Remember, don’t waste that vital seven seconds.