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November Recruitment Sector Survey

07 December 2015

 November saw a further tightening of labour market conditions, with few sectors remaining immune from the effects of ongoing skills shortages. Wages across the board are rising quicker than we are lead to believe but even the government’s own ONS report that salaries in the construction sector rose yet again, surging by 6%, double the average pay rise awarded across the rest of the economy.

It is to be hoped that the usual influx of jobs in January draws out more candidates of a higher calibre as the diminishing pool of talent continues to be of concern. As in previous months we, at Badger Associates, find ourselves have to trawl deeper, for longer and be far more inventive than ever before to attract top talent amongst the passive job seeker sector. It is difficult to imagine how employers who stubbornly insist on only recruiting themselves rather than employing the services of specialists are managing to fill their skills gaps. If you keep doing the same things you will, inevitably, get the same results. But I guess I would say that wouldn’t I! 

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