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Bespoke Recruitment Packages

We asked what you, as employers, wanted most from your recruitment company. First and foremost you wanted to feel that you were not being bombarded with CVs that were quite unsuitable in an attempt to see if one ‘stuck’. You felt there was a race to grab commission on behalf of your contact that didn’t always put your interest first and up front. We addressed that one some years ago.

You also said you wanted lower fees! Of course you do. But we don’t want to compromise of the quality of the product or service we receive. It needs to be fit for purpose, but not always over-engineered. This got us thinking at Badger and we considered how we might be able to meet this requirement.

Working primarily with Executive and Specialist roles has, over the years, necessitated the use of some cutting edge and sophisticated tools to make sure that the person you choose for your role will give you years of good service. We use psychometric profiling, pre-interview video questioning, and some clever software to root out candidates who often don’t know they are even looking for a new role! We also use some very expensive and specialist advertising media when required. We do this all for a very reasonable, all-inclusive price. 

This all embracing package works well, but we began to think that maybe not all projects needed all the facilities. Around two years ago we stripped the whole process back to simply ‘advertisng only’ and full details of this product can be found under its own heading on the website. Essentially, all we do is write your ad and advertise it for you for a week for a modest fixed fee. This works fine for roles where we know you are going to be inundated with candidates. With all due respect, for lower level roles that would normally be managed in house, or by a normal High Street employment agency.

This left a gap back up to our full-service product. Yet we didn’t want to create a ridged menu based system that left clients feeling that they were not getting all the elements they wanted, or were still paying for elements that they would not use.

So now we have simplified the whole process – by just asking you exactly what you want and coming up with a tailored, bespoke package just for you. That package may well vary between roles as you spread our service through your business and we already have clients with three different bespoke packages tailored to the exact needs of different elements of their company. The huge advantage is, of course, you are only paying for what you use and you can be as flexible as you wish within the portfolio of recruitment tools.

All we ask is 15 minute of your time when we take on the project to assess exactly what is required and what is surplus to requirements and we will give you a fixed price for recruiting for that role. Call us today to discuss. 

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