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Training Programmes from Badger Associates.

There are a myriad of companies offering standard training programmes in what are referred to as “soft skills”. Many are really good at what they do. In line with our policy of only going into areas where we believe we can offer a service that is better than that which is already available we tend to steer clear of standard training products. Instead we keep our eyes and ears open for the very best and most interesting training available locally and nationally. Having fully evaluated the products available we then invite the providers to produce their training under the Badger Banner and to our exacting standards. This guarantees our clients the level of service and product quality they have come to expect from Badger Associates over the years. It also allows us to mix and match suppliers and content to your exact needs rather than providing you with a one size fits all training product.

Our latest skills product offering provides a really excellent opportunity to improve the presentational skills of your team. This can range from a one-to-one situation or address how to speak and present to an audience of thousands. Our exceptional presenter has been offering tailored courses in speaking and storytelling to many of the UKs largest and most successful organisations. Having effective presentation skills is absolutely vital in today’s highly competitive world. If you are confident, dynamic and proficient in public speaking, you have a far greater chance of being successful in life. The best leaders, the best managers, the best motivators, the best sales people, the best at promoting their businesses are those who can speak and present powerfully in public. That’s not forgetting those who speak at conferences and events and who have that amazing ability to wow and dazzle an audience.

Another of our really popular products is a one-to-one telephone training session. We believe this is unique to us and those companies who have used the service are as amazed as we are that no one else does it. Essentially we offer a half day programme where our trainer sits with an individual whose main role involves the use of the telephone. We observe and comment through the session often simply reminder the recipient of the training of basic principles that they have forgotten over the years. For just £350 for the half day session this often proves to be the best money that a client ever invests in training as the results are instant.

A recent client kindly put together a few words supporting our unique telephone training programme and its worth showing them here as the comments bring out some really important points that make this training so special.

"I would definitely recommend working with Badger Associates. Sue is a very friendly, supportive and professional coach. I work from home and live 200 miles away from Norfolk so it was great that Sue offers to do Skype sessions as this means I could fit this around my existing work schedule which was much more convenient. The sessions have been extremely useful, especially helping to build my confidence as I am transitioning from my existing role to a new one. The course is created for your individual needs rather than just a generic training material, Sue creates bespoke training courses. Sue has taught me some brilliant techniques that I think will change the way that I work in a very positive way, I am looking forward to putting them into practice." - Rebecca Simpson, UK Product Specialist, Quilts of Denmark.

We are very excited about our portfolio and there is so much more available from a host of exciting presenters. Why not have the discussion with your Badger contact today –if we can’t produce exactly what you want we will find someone who can.