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So much more than a just a recruitment company...

Badger Associates Ltd was founded in 2000 and was designed as an HR and Recruitment Partner for discerning employers who wanted more than a job shop who would supply them with a mountain of irrelevant CVs to wade through pushed their way by a sale person driven by commission and with hardly a thought for what was best for their client. Today, the company remains true to its traditions and still treats each recruitment assignment as a separate project requiring applications from candidates attracted by the advertising. No cupboard full of CVs and no commissions – ever. So, please don’t begin any discussion with "...have you got any 'whatevers' on your books".

There remain a myriad of generalist recruiters prepared to underbid each other in a race to put a "bum on a seat" and take the money. Equally there are employers who still believe that the recruitment process can be managed by the lowest bidder. Neither concept interests us. Badger Associates Ltd remains an executive and specialist recruiter best suited for the occasions when cheap recruitment, with its potential consequences, simply isn’t an option.

If you are still reading then it can be assumed that you are with a company that takes recruitment as seriously as we do…..or you could be a competitor looking for a good idea!

In addition to executive and specialist recruitment across Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and beyond, we also offer a range of services that you many not find in one place elsewhere.

  • Occupational Psychology
  • Psychometric Testing
  • New for 2017 - Recorded video interviewing prior to first round interviews. You ask the questions and watch the candidate answer before deciding to call them for interview. Only available when clients working exclusively with Badger Associates.
  • Salary/benefits analysis and research
  • Management Audits
  • Individual Ability and Aptitude testing
  • Training in a number of unique disciplines such as public speaking and use of the telephone
  • HR Audit
  • Assessment Centre Management
  • Appraisal Scheme Management
  • HR Consultancy

So much more than just a recruitment company – an HR and Recruitment partner fit for purpose and ready to apply our commitment to your organisation.

If you have a role to fill that needs the attention of a company who is more interested in your interests than their commission - we are ready to talk.

See more about the new Pre-interview screening video service. Click here

Telephone Techniques Training

It’s back by popular demand…..and because we now have an excellent new Coach to deliver the training. Sue Wright has taken on the responsibility for delivering our 1-2-1 Telephone Training Programme.

How many people do you have within your organisation who are using the telephone on a regular basis to talk to your clients and customers? How many have had little no training in how to get the best outcome from the call, apart from a day ‘sitting with Nellie’, who also had no training when she started! Now that is scary, agreed?

How much better might the outcome of telephone calls be if ‘Nellie II’ had a few hours being reminded of many of the things that he/she probably know anyway – but had simply forgotten? Imagine the effect on your bottom line if everyone in the company really knew how to use the telephone properly. Scary – in a nice way, because help is at hand.

At Badger Associates we offer coaching on telephone techniques designed to enable your employees to get the very best outcome from every telephone call they make or receive. Turning complaints into orders, turning enquiries into regular customers, turning one item ordered into ten, making customers feel they are important to your business.

How does it work? Simple really. If the employee is willing to learn new techniques and re-learn things they have forgotten, our trainer will spend a while observing them at work. Next they offer advice and guidance about how to do it differently for a better outcome and finally watch your employee put the ideas into practice. We then send a personal email reminding the individual about what was discussed. This is followed up two months later by a second visit to assess progress and discuss any issues that may have arisen in the interim.

The result is tangible. The employee feels valued and empowered to perform better and the company benefits hugely from the improved results. All this is achieved with minimal disruption to your normal working day.

Cost? We try to keep cost to a level that will emphasise the benefits. For one person the fee is just £450 + vat. For two people in a single visit the cost comes down to £299.00 per person and for three people it is £249.00. Three is the maximum we can manage in a single site visit without compromising the 1-2-1 coaching time.

So, why not start improving your telephone communications today by calling us to discuss your specific needs. We’ll be happy to help and promise to answer your call in the correct manner!

HR Consultancy Services.

Since inception Badger Associates has been known as the ”go-to” place for independent, practical advice on any people related issues. Sometimes there is a need for legal advice and often there is simply a need for practical, down to earth suggestions for resolving what can seem intractable issues.

The HR Consultancy Division of Badger Associates is headed up by David Hill. David is a Fellow of the CIPD and has years of practical experience of managing complex HR issues as well as seeing the wood for the trees when all the rest of us can see is a dense forest.

Fake References and CVs.

   A recent survey by the Federation of Small Businesses and the BBC “Fake Britain” programme has indicated an alarming rise in the number of fake references being provided as well as the number of web sites offering a full, and entirely bogus, work history. We’ve been aware of this for some time and employ a professional company to check details supplied by candidates. It takes a little while and often puts us at a disadvantage against recruitment companies who simply bang CVs in and wait for their commission cheque – but it’s worth it.

17% of all references provided are fake. Almost 2/3rd of that number are from males. 80% are for entry level or mid-level positions but that means that that 20% are from senior managers and directors. Now that is a big worry and yet another good reason for using Badger Associates. Sorry, had to get that in there….

We don’t put too much stock in written references. They are too easily manipulated and therefore almost always positive. Why name a referee who hates you or knows you are rubbish at your job? We check that previous employers have a registered address and verify details with Experian. We ask for additional contacts at current employers at interview stage even if we don’t intend to follow them up. You’d be surprised how often that alone leads to a withdrawn application. We check that their career dates match their LinkedIn profile. We have an Executive Membership at LinkedIn which gives us a whole load more information. We don’t accept mobile phone numbers for referees. Well, we do, then we call the company switchboard and check that the person really works there by asking to be put through. Sneaky, but necessary to protect your interests.

So, if you are a candidate reading this you’d better be good at your cover up because we will catch you out. If you are an employer choosing a recruitment company – ask yourself if your cheap option will give you this level of peace of mind. If you are already using Badger Associates – relax (but stay on your guard)!

Access to a Global Marketplace.

Badger Associates can now offer clients access to a professional and effective global recruitment service.

We offer:

·         Access to 190m active jobseekers across the globe.

·         Coverage in 135 countries.

·         Coverage in the emerging economies.

·         Covering 95% of G20 countries, 100% of BRIC countries, !00% of EU countries and 100% of CIVETS countries

·         We have access to 47m European CVs across 35 countries.

·         135 countries across the world and access to 263m CVs

·         You get one access person, one currency, one invoice but with local, on the ground support when needed.

·         We can brand your campaigns.

·         We have visibility products driving traffic to your roles.

 So, next time you have a requirement for European or Global recruitment, give us a call.


Sales Training

We run a range of bespoke Sales Training courses covering all aspects of business development and sales from core skills for those new to a Sales role all the way through to advanced level for those looking to sharpen up their existing skills.

All of our sales courses are delivered by consultants with years of practical experience at Senior Sales Management or Director Level and in a fun and interactive way. That means your salespeople will get to engage and share best practice advice with other sales professionals from different industries and sectors across the region.

An example of some of our most popular Sales Courses:

  • Sales Training for Non Sales People
  • Professional Telephone Sales Skills
  • Converting leads into guaranteed sales
  • Appointment Making & Elevator Pitch training
  • Negotiating better prices and margins
  • Networking to create New Business
  • Gaining Testimonials and Referrals

Our programmes can be accesses as “ready to go” open courses covering a Half Day or Full Day programme of activity or alternatively we can design and deliver In-House courses, customised to your exact requirements and business needs.

We also offer a unique Video Role Play service as part of our advanced Sales Training programmes so that you can see and hear exactly how your performance improves and also benchmark it against other within your team. Then after each course you receive FREE Ongoing Support via email or telephone for Three Months in order to help bed in those new skills and develop habits and behaviours that will guarantee you see the long term benefits.

If you’d like to know more about our range of Sales Training courses then contact us to arrange a free, no obligation meeting at your convenience.