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Why choose one recruitment partner when five cost the same....?

01 June 2016

“….Using five (or even seven!) recruitment companies has to be better than one”…..really?

Recruitment companies work for nothing, right? They don't charge unless they find someone, right? If I have five of them searching for the same vacancy increases my chances of getting someone five times, right? It won't cost me any more than if I’d just used one, right?

All very logical. Well, maybe it isn't quite as logical as you might think. Start by thinking about the firm of accountants your company uses. Would you consider asking five Accountancy Practices to work on your accounts and decide which one comes up with the answer you like best? Of course you wouldn’t. Why, then should recruitment be any different? The answer to some is that recruitment companies cost nothing until they produce a result so there is nothing to lose by setting loads of them off on the task.

Well here are a few things to consider:

·         Do you really want to deal with five companies vying for your attention every day?

·         There are only so many people available who are suitable, so you will get many of the same ones from all of your recruiters. Each one desperate to be first to get them in your In-Box and phoning you to see if they have managed to get theirs in first.

·         The “Consultant” assigned to deal with your enquiry is driven by commission. Driven by a burning desire to help their bank balance, not your business.  

·         Five companies, knowing they are in competition will give you 20% of their efforts and 20% of their financial commitment to advertising etc. Is that what your vacancy deserves?

·         You have created a “first past the post” race. The result is that each recruiter will not be sending you the best possible candidates. They will be sending you any and every candidate they can as quickly as possible. Do you want the quickest candidate or the best possible candidate carefully selected and verified?

·         The result of a “quickest past the post” race will almost certainly be that you are not enamoured with any of them. Result – you have lost at least two weeks in your recruitment campaign.

·         You go back to the market with the same five recruiters and you are going to get a smaller number of poor quality people.

Alternately you can go with one exclusive recruiter and you will achieve:

·         One company giving you 100% dedication to getting the right person for you safe in the knowledge that their fee is going to be paid provided they do a good job.

·         Your chosen company, if you have chosen the best and not the cheapest, will have access to all the best available candidates anyway.

·         One company and one contact to work with. Saving you time and effort.

·         Far more likelihood of your chosen partner going the extra mile to get the right person over the line for you.

·         A recruitment company prepared to offer additional services at no extra cost such as pre-interview video selection, psychometric profiling etc. All because there is no rush to get CVs in front of you.

…and the nett result is that your costs are exactly the same. You decide!