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What has been the most important technological innovation for the small businessman?

12 May 2015

Internet, Broadband, Mobile Telephone, Email, laptop, texting, Social media….any others? What do you consider to be the single technological innovation that has freed up the small businessman, or the average sized businessman working alone within a big company?
Let me kick the discussion off with a “curved ball”. Going back now almost into the mists of technological time. What about call diversion? The ability to have your telephone calls transferred to wherever you were working at the time, eventually even to your latest gadget, your brick-sized mobile telephone. Mine, by the way, for the first six months, would only work in the layby at Tasburgh on the A140 - OK, not much change there.
The humble call diversion service has never been expensive. It’s never really developed much because there isn’t much to develop with the idea.
How about it? Let’s have your views. 

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