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The best time ever to recruit! Honestly!

07 January 2021
Clearly, the jobs market has suffered due to the impact of the pandemic. However, we remain confident that, despite the onset of Lockdown 3.0, hope is on the horizon for 2021. We have received more vacancies over the last few months than at any other time since the pandemic began and 82% of job seekers are hopeful 2021 will be the year they find their perfect role.
Job seekers are approaching the market with an increased sense of optimism for the future, but they're also realistic about the steps they may need to take to land their dream job.
This means your talent pool may now be significantly wider than it was before the pandemic.
January is our busiest month for jobseekers. The first month of the year is often our busiest period for applications, as people across the UK search for new jobs after the holidays. This has always been particularly true in our region.
Despite the new government restrictions, we expect to see an increased number of applications made throughout January, all starting on what is known as ‘Massive Monday’ - making it the perfect time to post your vacancies.
At Badger Associates, we are targeting both passive and active jobseekers across a wide range of digital platforms - including all social media platforms. That means we'll be able to target the right candidates, at the right time, to drive applications to your specific roles - giving you a more relevant pool of candidates than ever before.