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Ten recruitment buzzwords to be avoided at all costs!

25 January 2017

Ten Recruitment buzzwords to be avoided at all costs – and my favourite isn’t even in the top ten!

A hobby horse of mine seems to be gathering some momentum these days. Humans have limitless qualities – so why, when penning a CV, do the same words constantly appear regardless of the individual? Are people copying the CVs of others? The words and phrases that keep coming up are so trite and meaningless that it is difficult to believe that so many seemingly and supposedly intelligent people keep overusing them.

Today, LinkedIn revealed the most overused buzzwords on their network – and some of them probably ring a bell.

“Specialised” is first on the list, featuring on half a million UK profiles. Surprisingly, “motivated”, the stalwart of many an uninspiring CV, did not feature in the top ten. “Highly” isn’t in their either but then it is an adverb and will often be used in front of any of the top ten listed below.

I’m the interviewer, I’ll decide if you are ‘highly’ anything because I can compare you to people we may be only ‘averagely’ something.  

Anyway, for what it’s worth, here is LinkedIn’s list.

1. Specialised

2. Leadership

3. Experienced

4. Passionate

5. Strategic

6. Excellent

7. Focused

8. Creative

9. Enthusiastic

10. Successful

Go away, check your CV and be aware that overuse of any of these is simply going to give the impression that you are “highly unimaginative”

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