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28 January 2015

Am I alone in being heartily fed up with people being interviewed in the media starting every answer with the word “So”? There is absolutely no need for it. You can take the word out and start the answer from the next word and it still makes total sense. It seems to be a particular trait amongst those who are pontificating about some geeky, scientific subject. It’s almost like they are saying – “So, I’ll make this as simple as possible for those of a lower intellect – pay attention, because I’m about to speak”

I think the trend was started by Australian sports people who insist on starting every answer with “Look…” or “Listen…” as if to say “Pay attention cretin – I’m Australian and therefore far better at my sport than anyone else – so pay attention and you might learn something”.

I haven’t notice the trend creeping into recruitment interviews yet. But rest assured I am ready to pounce as soon as it does and will be as merciless as I am on anyone with a CV declaring the writer to be “excellent at working as part of a team or on my own initiative” or describing themselves as “dynamic”, “committed” or my ultimate no-no - “highly motivated”