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September vacancy and candidate availability report

08 October 2015

The growth of both permanent placements and temp roles moderated again in September. This could well be due to the after effects of the school holidays which seemed to have a greater effect this year than in previous years. There was slightly greater candidate availability but there remains a real shortage of high quality people to fill be senior roles.

The increase in salaries continued to slow.

The pool of available skilled labour shrank yet further in September, dampening growth of both permanent and temporary placements. This relentless tightening of the labour market continues to push pay up in the private sector, and weekly earnings jumped by 3.4% year on year. While welcomed by workers, this uplift in pay could put downward pressure on firms’ profitability, unless labour productivity improves enough to compensate businesses for the higher wages now on offer.

Activity in the public sector apparently tells a very different story, with demand for staff declining and pay increases falling to an austere 1%. Thankfully we, at Badger Associates, do not work in this area! With further cuts planned this is a workforce that needs substantial investment in training and development to help its staff take on their new and evolving remits if the people being released are to be ready for the challenge of the private sector.