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October Recruitment Report

06 November 2015

Recruiting continued at pace across most areas of the economy in October with the main exception being construction. It is clear the industry is suffering from a chronic skills shortage along its entire supply chain, with recruiters struggling to meet demand for roles ranging from architects to construction workers. As a result salaries in the sector are soaring, with the average weekly rise reaching 5.1%, vastly outpacing the private sector average of 3.4%.

 With Britain in the grips of a housing crisis, this shortage of skilled workers could throw a serious spanner in the works, slowing projects in the pipeline and pushing up overall build costs as developers bid high to secure the labour they need. The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement needs to promote measures to boost apprenticeships and encourage the return of small and medium sized builders, many of whom left the industry in the midst of the recession. By addressing this crucial capacity issue and rebalancing the industry away from the bigger developers, Britain can build the skills base it needs.

Here in Eastern England demand for high quality staff at all levels continues to outstrip demand and the main “beef” from employers at the moment is that good people are staying put in their roles unless they can be attracted away to new positions. The day of the passive job seeker is very much upon us. These are not people who are going to be attracted by normal advertising routes and recruiters and employers wishing to try to find top quality people for themselves need to get a whole lot more inventive if they are to be winners in the race to find and attract emerging talent.