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No more embarrassing and time wasting interviews!

02 February 2016

How frustrating, and often embarrassing, is it for all concerned when you start and interview only to discover around two minutes in that the candidate you have asked to travel hundreds of miles to meet you is simply not suited to the role. You now need to waste another hour to be polite and your candidate hates you!

We have a solution at Badger Associates. We now offer clients who are sensible enough to work exclusively with us and enjoy the full range of exclusive benefits the opportunity to ask key questions of their potential interviewees and watch as they answer them before deciding whether or not to invite them in for a meeting. You can ask what you like and ask as many questions as you like. How cool is that?!

The system is tried and tested and simple to operate. You tell us what questions you’d like to ask and we ask them. You can also record a video describing the role for the client or we can do it for you. You might even want to add a brief video about your company. The candidate logs into our system and answers the questions via a video link. Their answers are recorded and you are given exclusive access to their recording so you can decide whether or not to call them in. When they do arrive you have the benefit of knowing what they look like.

Think how much time this will save. Avoid any more of those embarrassing interview moments. Improve your selection success rate. Save the planet by avoiding unnecessary candidate journeys.

The Badger that keeps on giving!

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