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Finding the best people in 2015 is going to be tougher than ever - and here's why!

The unemployment rate is dropping — and will keep doing so. Why? As millions of Baby Boomers continue to retire, the generation behind them, Generation X, can’t, numerically, replace them all as there are 20m less of them. The brain drain is gathering pace, and even though the next generation are flooding the job market behind Generation X, they aren't skilled enough to hit the ground running — something employers are now Read More
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Controversy alert! Why you just might need to lie at interview!

Sometimes you just have to lie at interview. Shocked? You shouldn’t be. Sometimes the questions are just so daft that they need and deserve an untrue answer, especially at the first stage. While HR is tediously focused on making certain that candidates are great team players the hiring manager often want those who don’t venture near the proverbial team box. That’s why you often need to play the game at stage one to get to Read More