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Apple Watch - Must have solution to a problem that doesn't exist, or Norwich Fashion Icon?

The launch of the Apple Watch following hard on the heels of the Google Glasses has made me wonder how many more things have been invented to solve problems that simply don’t exist. The Apple Watch seems to me to be the latest in a long line. What can you do with the watch that you can’t already do with the phone which never leaves your side anyway? Answer – well, nothing really… So what else have we had? Not too Read More
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Interviews are all about common sense and courtesy....and making the interviewer relax!

Probably the most frequent question I hear after an interview has been arranged is “What sort of questions am I likely to be asked?” or “What should I do to prepare?” The answers are, of course, different for each individual. Rather uniquely, as a recruiter, I have an insight into both sides of the interview process. One thing that never fails to amaze me is how two people can be thrown together in a totally false Read More
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March 2015 Recruitment Survey Results

The March Recruitment Survey conducted on behalf of KPMG with local input from Badger Associates indicates that there have been further marked increases in permanent placements and temp billings across the UK and that salaries for permanent hires rise at sharpest rate in six months. Meanwhile candidate availability tightens further. Demand for talent continues to outstrip supply in terms of the number of candidates seeking work. Ultimately Read More
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