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One General Election vote available...who wants it?

Election Day is looming and I know where there is a vote available. It’s mine. It is a very valuable vote because it has never been used before. In the past I have always had the attitude that voting only encourages them. That was until I discovered that some skinny beardy “comedian” who was desperately seeking attention to re-float a sinking career had taken my idea and made it fashionable with young voters who are gullible Read More
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No excuses candidates - go and get the job!

Recent research bears out what most of us already knew about why candidates get rejected at interview. In truth it is the old adage that “people buy people” and people will generally employ people they like. Now, we can’t tell a candidate that they didn’t get the job because we didn’t like them can we? Of course not. So here are the most commonly used rationalised reasons for rejection. 70% indicated Read More

A little story for the weekend with a moral....

In 1908 a Newcastle United fan, Gladstone Adams, drove all the way to Crystal Palace to see his team in the Cup Final. It was at Crystal Palace Park so the facilities would have been much better than at the current Crystal Palace ground! Newcastle lost 3-1. Cars were such a rarity in those days that Gladstone left his car in a car showroom while he was at the game as people wanted to see it. The long journey home was punctuated by lots of Read More
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