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What has been the most important technological innovation for the small businessman?

Internet, Broadband, Mobile Telephone, Email, laptop, texting, Social media….any others? What do you consider to be the single technological innovation that has freed up the small businessman, or the average sized businessman working alone within a big company?
Let me kick the discussion off with a “curved ball”. Going back now almost into the mists of technological time. What about call diversion? The ability to have Read More
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April Recruitment Survey. The importance of the Passive Candidate.

The results are in from the April Recruitment Survey for KPMG contributed to locally by Badger Associates. The key points from the survey are that we are seeing the strongest increase in permanent staff appointments in eight months. Temp billings growth eases to six-month low – although we remain stubbornly out of the temp market. There is an acceleration of pay growth for permanent and temporary staff. Recruitment at Senior Management Read More
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Exit interviews? Do you do them? Kind of embarassing really aren't they? But oh so important if you get them right!

Exit Interviews and Knowledge Transfer - tips for employees and employers, sample questions and answers Exit interviews are interviews conducted with departing employees, just before they leave. From the employer's perspective, the primary aim of the exit interview is to learn reasons for the person's departure, on the basis that criticism is a helpful driver for organizational improvement. Exit interviews (and prior) are also an Read More