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Genuine Performance Review Statements.....you'll love 'em!

Here are some wonderful, and genuine, Performance Review statements….you'll just wish you'd made them. Since my last review this man has reached rock bottom – and started to dig. His men would follow him anywhere – but only out of morbid curiosity. I would not allow this employee to breed. He is not so much a “has been” as a “won’t be”. Works well under constant Read More
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Bring back the British Almost Hero

Andy Murray has finally left Wimbledon to the haunting sounds of the chinless wonders of SW London and celebs giving it “Come on Tim” until they realise that the guy out there is, in fact, a sweaty Jock called Andy who doesn’t even like England. The charisma bypass operation was a complete success many years ago as Mummy devoted Andy’s life to the pursuit of becoming the undisputed King of Great British Almost People Read More
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A visit to the World Famous Fish and Chip Restaurant.

Like most grumpy old people nothing annoys me more than poor service and bad manners. Last Saturday, for some unknown reason, the entire family set off for Great Yarmouth. The younger members have simple tastes and like nothing better than Fish and Chips. They will eat virtually anything but, when push comes to shove, it’s the old favourite that comes to the fore. Their standards have become more “sophisticated” over the Read More
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