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What a quirky place we live in.

What a wonderful quirky country we live in. Only in Britain…. do chemists make ill people walk to the back of the shop to get their prescription while healthy people can buy chocolate at the front. do people order double cheeseburger, large fries…..and a diet Coke. are 58 people injured every year by using sharp knives instead of screwdrivers. are over 200 people admitted to A&E every year after opening Read More
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What is it with people from South of Suffolk? No offence!

What is it with people from South of Suffolk? Do they not have Steam Rooms in Essex for fear of the fake tan running? Today saw another Hotel/Leisure Centre Steam room related incident involving those less fortunate then ourselves. The first incident happened during the last Groupon "75% off and kids eat free" offer at my local hotel/lesiure centre where I like to swim a few times a week to keep myself looking like a massive seal. Read More
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Attitude problems of older job seekers.

Paul Gisbey, operations leader at Job Centre Plus based in Ipswich had this to say yesterday. “Once (older) people are unemployed for a year or more, their job prospects become increasingly bleak as their physical and mental health suffer and employers become less willing to take them on”. He was primarily discussing the fact that young people were more flexible in their work requirements and therefore more younger people were Read More
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