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August recruitment industry survey results

The six weeks from mid-July to the end of August are usually a nightmare for recruitment companies. Clients tend to put off vacancies until after the summer break and good candidates are few and far between anyway – so the lack of vacancies is almost a mixed blessing. This month has proved no different to the pattern as permanent placements and temp billings growth are both at 27-month lows and candidate availability falls at an even Read More
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10 ways that clients can completely hack off a recruitment company...

Several candidates have been in touch and asked me to redress the balance a bit by setting out what clients do that make our lives….well, challenging. So, at the risk of destroying the company here goes…. When we ask what salary range you have in mind – just tell us that you’d like to see who applies and decide then. This tells us that you will be looking for the cheapest option available and will be horrified Read More

July Recruitment Survey results

July Recruitment Survey Headlines: Growth of staff appointments held back by skill shortages Temp billings rise at slowest rate in over two years Salary growth remains strong, despite easing to 18-month low  It is clear we are in the grip of an industry wide skills shortage, which shows no signs of abating. Businesses are struggling to find the talent they need and this will have long term implications for their growth Read More
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