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One bad day deserves another.

Yesterday has to rate as one of the worst on record. It started with that gut wrenching news that a candidate who was full of the joys of spring to accept an offer 24 hours earlier had spoken with her current employer and, hey-presto, a better offer had materialised. Good luck to both parties. Nothing better than a relationship built on trust and mutual respect. So, back to the drawing board and several thousand pounds wasted on a Read More
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10 ways for candidates to totally hack off your recruitment company.

10 ways candidates can totally “p**s off” your recruitment company. Always a good one to start – phone in on the day of your interview and cancel because your goldfish has got toothache. Better still, don’t even bother to phone in. When we phone you to arrange an interview tell us you can’t remember the job because you “have applied for so many”. When we explain it to you patiently over Read More
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Genuine Performance Review'll love 'em!

Here are some wonderful, and genuine, Performance Review statements….you'll just wish you'd made them. Since my last review this man has reached rock bottom – and started to dig. His men would follow him anywhere – but only out of morbid curiosity. I would not allow this employee to breed. He is not so much a “has been” as a “won’t be”. Works well under constant Read More
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