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November Recruitment Sector Survey

 November saw a further tightening of labour market conditions, with few sectors remaining immune from the effects of ongoing skills shortages. Wages across the board are rising quicker than we are lead to believe but even the government’s own ONS report that salaries in the construction sector rose yet again, surging by 6%, double the average pay rise awarded across the rest of the economy. It is to be hoped that the usual influx Read More
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If you are not getting an interview - check that highly dull CV.

If you are just not getting interviews then maybe now is a good time to take a long hard look at that CV. Most of the people we work with at Badger Associates are at a senior enough level to have done their own recruiting over the years – so why do you not remember those dull and boring CVs that simply repeated the same old mantras over and over and which left you thinking “…and blah, blah, blah” as you passed it to Read More

Can your body language boost your confidence at interview?

An interesting new theory is beginning to emerge around what to do immediately prior to an interview. Leading authorities on body language in America are now suggesting that our body language not only influences the way others see us but can also influence how we feel about ourselves. The theory suggests that confident and relaxed people tend to make themselves big. They will have their arms extended above their heads and their heads back Read More
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