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September vacancy and candidate availability report

The growth of both permanent placements and temp roles moderated again in September. This could well be due to the after effects of the school holidays which seemed to have a greater effect this year than in previous years. There was slightly greater candidate availability but there remains a real shortage of high quality people to fill be senior roles. The increase in salaries continued to slow. The pool of available skilled labour shrank Read More

My three favourite interview questions

My three favourite interview questions. What’s my biggest weakness? No, that’s not one of the questions. That’s a lazy interviewers question. It goes in the bucket with “Tell me why I should give you this job?” My biggest weakness is that I’m a rubbish interviewer. I don’t enjoy the false atmosphere and don’t always feel that it is possible to get the best out of the candidate in such Read More
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August recruitment industry survey results

The six weeks from mid-July to the end of August are usually a nightmare for recruitment companies. Clients tend to put off vacancies until after the summer break and good candidates are few and far between anyway – so the lack of vacancies is almost a mixed blessing. This month has proved no different to the pattern as permanent placements and temp billings growth are both at 27-month lows and candidate availability falls at an even Read More
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