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Why choose one recruitment partner when five cost the same....?

“….Using five (or even seven!) recruitment companies has to be better than one”…..really? Recruitment companies work for nothing, right? They don't charge unless they find someone, right? If I have five of them searching for the same vacancy increases my chances of getting someone five times, right? It won't cost me any more than if I’d just used one, right? All very logical. Well, maybe it Read More

Businesses surveyed for their views on EU Referendum.

A recent survey undertaken by Reeds asked questions of 1,708 employers relating to Britain’s membership or exit from the EU. The results were illuminating. They showed: 61% of employers back EU remain campaign 85% say EU referendum has not affected their decision to hire 69% of recruiters are hiring more than a year ago 72% have hired since announcement of EU referendum The latest research, confirms that the majority Read More

January job market trends looking positive.

January has set the stage for the UK’s job market in 2016, and all signs point to a thriving and prosperous economy which bodes well for businesses and workers alike. The latest data reveals that job vacancies in January 2016 increased by an impressive 15.8% when compared with January 2015. One job board reported a record-breaking January with over 144,600 jobs on the site at any given time, up to 220 job applications per second and Read More
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