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10 reasons why the top performing companies still need a good Recruitment Partner.

22 June 2020

10 reasons why the top performing companies still need a good Recruitment Partner.

At Badger Associates we have been through some pretty rough economic times over the years. We have seen good times, not so good time and pandemic times. One big lesson we have learned is that top performing companies still need a good Recruitment Partner to ensure they are gathering top performers into their organisations. In fact, if you think about it, going forward the selection process is even more crucial. Here are 10 reasons why the theory has held good in practice over the years and this current crisis will be no different. 

1) Recruiting top performers is always a ‘good idea’! People you employ now are the ones who will help not just lead your business out of the current situation but will build the future. Employ less able people now and the business will suffer in the future.

2)Recruiting is easy these days…isn’t it? The jobs market remains in stasis at the moment as the furlough scheme underwrites the employment position. Vacancies fell to  476,000 in May, from over 800,000 at the start of the year. Pop an ad onto a free job board and they will be queuing up.Well, yes they will… only you will have a myriad of underqualified people who haven’t even read your advertisement properly but have simply clicked ‘Apply’ to anything and everything in your area. Good luck sorting through that lot. If you’ve got time to do that then, frankly, you are underemployed.

3) Where are the good people?Well actually, in times like this, our experience is that they are keeping their heads down. They are in a job and happy to be there. While they may not be entirely happy and would, under normal circumstances, been interested in your vacancy, they are putting moving plans on hold. The good recruitment partner will be seeking these people out. Looking for what we refer to as the ‘passive job seeker’. Make them an attractive proposition and build confidence and they could still be tempted to move. An ad on a free website is never going to do that. It requires close up personal relationships and trust.

4) Candidate commitment is key.Having assembled a bunch of applicants it is vital to weed out the time wasters. The ones who will follow the process through to the end and then turn their backs on you. Close, professional questioning is required to find them out early particularly in light of the next point. There will be a whole lot of more of these people around at the moment and they will waste your time and narrow your options.

5)Timing is everything.With a shortlist of candidates ready for interview the process needs to be moved on at pace. That’s what the good recruiter does. Keeping an arm round the good candidates, assessing their mood and keeping them enthused while also gauging what other opportunities they might be pursuing and relaying this information to the client. There is nothing more soul destroying that calling six candidates on a shortlist, that the client has finally provided two weeks after receiving the CVs, to discover that choices 1-3 have already received and accepted other offers. Not only have we lost the best people before we start interviewing, but they have gone to your competitors! Double-whammy. The good recruiter will be keeping both sides of the process focused on the task in hand to achieve the best outcome.

6) Are they what they say they are?In the best of times over 90% of CVs are believed to contain an ‘inaccuracy’ (being polite!). In similar situations in the past the number and seriousness of these ‘inaccuracies’ have increased. It’s your recruitment partner’s role to act as your eyes and ears to try to reduce the instances. Failure to spot them can be costly - even in the short term.

7) Check, check and check again.But do it quickly. Psychometric profiles really come into their own. A recruitment partner with an in-house qualified psychometric assessor can prove so important. It gives you, the client, the ability to poke and prod around in areas that the profile suggests may require attention. While it can only identify preferences as opposed to working traits it definitely gives comfort and is certainly not available with the free website ad.

8) Warranty.A good tradesman always offers a warranty. At Badger Associates we are a little different in that we offer a six months, free of fee, replacement giving a high degree of confidence to our clients. Any good recruitment partner will have a variation on this warranty even if it may not be quite so unequivocal or comprehensive.

9)Database access.A good recruitment partner will have fully searchable access to one or more databases containing millions of CVs. Diligent searching and deep research based on any number of criteria including looking at employees of your competitors can provide the edge that is needed.

10)Simply doing nothing isn’t an option.While it may be possible to allow ‘natural wastage’ to reduce overheads in some areas of an operation there will always be roles that simply have to be filled. The competition for the best people in executive and specialist roles actually increases rather than decreases in times of high unemployment.

If Boris was in recruitment he would have a simple, snappy message for all of us. Be prepared – use good recruitment partner – build for the future.

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