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Finding the best people in 2015 is going to be tougher than ever - and here's why!

23 December 2014

The unemployment rate is dropping — and will keep doing so. Why? As millions of Baby Boomers continue to retire, the generation behind them, Generation X, can’t, numerically, replace them all as there are 20m less of them. The brain drain is gathering pace, and even though the next generation are flooding the job market behind Generation X, they aren't skilled enough to hit the ground running — something employers are now recognizing with eyes wide open.

A recent study says 93 percent of hiring managers surveyed feel they can't find the right talent for their jobs. In some industries it’s taking up to 59 days to replace someone — and that figure is climbing. They haven't been this high since 2008. The result is more employers fighting harder and harder to attract the right talent while having an eye on salary scales in their organisations to ensure that they don’t “rock the boat”.

Talented individuals are finally getting the upper hand. With that switch will come a major shift in how companies approach attracting, hiring, and keeping top talent.

Companies genuinely wanting to hire the best people are going to have to get a lot more inventive. The odd ad in the local paper isn’t going to cut it anymore. Just relying on your HR Department to magically turn up the right people at a bargain basement price without baggage and able to hit the ground running will, ultimately, result in a workforce inhabited by mediocre people happy to draw a payslip at the end of each month.

The internet, and now more specifically, social media have truly disrupted the hiring process. The best recruitment companies (OK, I include Badger in there!) are constantly developing new methods of identifying the top talent for clients. Job seekers have developed their professional identities online (i.e. build LinkedIn profiles, etc.), as a way to catch the attention of recruiters. The technical term is "Employment Branding," and it's how companies woo top talent. We have had a complete overhaul of how we seek out and attract the best candidates and have employed a switched on specialist to make sure that, every day, we remain at that cutting edge of candidate attraction. We showcase our client’s culture, values, benefits, perks, executive team, staff members, business mission, and anything else that will make a great candidate want to work for our client instead of their competitor.

Are you ready to recruit the best people in 2015 or are you going to rely on same tired old methods? 

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