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December 2015 Recruitment Survey Results

08 January 2016

The results of the recruitment survey carried out in conjunction with KPMG are out.

Key points from the December survey:

  • Slower rises in both permanent and temporary staff appointments
  • Permanent salary growth moderates to 26-month low
  • Candidate availability falls at weaker, but still marked, rate

Hiring remained slow but steady during December, with businesses and candidates keen to complete negotiations before Christmas. We are beginning to see a shift away from short term, low risk hiring, with demand for permanent staff outpacing that for temporary workers. This indicates businesses’ confidence is steadily solidifying, leading to an increased willingness to make long term investments in their workforce.

In the wake of several high profile breaches, companies are investing heavily in their cyber security teams and demand for IT specialists surged in December. This hiring boom has caused a skills shortage in the sector, with recruiters struggling to find enough candidates qualified in IT security to satisfy demand. Frankly, this has not been apparent in East Anglia but is a trend to be aware of if cyber security is something that concerns your business. You need to consider recruiting sooner rather than later. Faced with such stiff levels of competition businesses need to rethink their recruitment strategy. As well as hiring talent to build up their in house defence capability, they need to upskill the staff they have, or risk losing them to a competitor more willing to make an investment in their careers.

January has started briskly in the first few days back with some unusual vacancies presenting themselves already. The availability of really top quality candidates will continue to be an issue as we move into spring. The brightest talent will have a wider choice of opportunities during 2016 and employers will need to work harder to attract above average individuals. 

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