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Can your body language boost your confidence at interview?

30 November 2015

An interesting new theory is beginning to emerge around what to do immediately prior to an interview. Leading authorities on body language in America are now suggesting that our body language not only influences the way others see us but can also influence how we feel about ourselves.

The theory suggests that confident and relaxed people tend to make themselves big. They will have their arms extended above their heads and their heads back while less confident people will curl up into a ball almost and look intimidated. Now, there are degrees along the way of course and waltzing into an interview like Usain Bolt at the end of the 100m final might be little off putting for the interviewer. But you could try doing something similar in the loo before you go in. Extend your arms and put your head back and hold that pose for 30 seconds. Keep half an eye on the door though just in case the interviewer pops in before the meeting!


It may sound bizzare, it may look bizarre, it may even be bizzare….but if it improves your confidence and portrays you better at interview then who cares.

Body language changes minds – minds change behaviour – behaviour changes outcomes.

Next time you go for an interview, give it a try and let me know if it works for you. 

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