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Businesses surveyed for their views on EU Referendum.

26 May 2016

A recent survey undertaken by Reeds asked questions of 1,708 employers relating to Britain’s membership or exit from the EU. The results were illuminating. They showed:

  • 61% of employers back EU remain campaign
  • 85% say EU referendum has not affected their decision to hire
  • 69% of recruiters are hiring more than a year ago
  • 72% have hired since announcement of EU referendum

The latest research, confirms that the majority of British employers are in favour of staying in the EU. What’s more, over half feel Brexit will put UK jobs at risk.

Of the 1700 employers surveyed, 61% will vote to remain in the EU when the UK goes to the polls on 23 June. London is leading the remain campaign, with 71% of the capital’s business leaders opposing Brexit. Could this be an effect of so many companies being involved in the financial sector?

Over half of employers fear leaving Europe could put jobs at risk, while a further 55% believe Brexit will deter foreign investment in the UK. When asked if an EU exit would lead to more jobs for UK workers, 63% of respondents said no.

These figures are largely unchanged since reed.co.uk first surveyed employers back in February, when the referendum was announced, suggesting Britain’s business leaders are resolute in their views.

For those in the remain camp, the economy (48%) and business and trade (41%) are the two biggest issues driving their decision for Britain to stay in the EU. On the other hand, for those voting to leave in the June poll, British sovereignty (51%) and immigration (32%) are the driving factors.

 Probably no real surprises in here – but interesting nonetheless.