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Attitude problems of older job seekers.

15 May 2015

Paul Gisbey, operations leader at Job Centre Plus based in Ipswich had this to say yesterday. “Once (older) people are unemployed for a year or more, their job prospects become increasingly bleak as their physical and mental health suffer and employers become less willing to take them on”. He was primarily discussing the fact that young people were more flexible in their work requirements and therefore more younger people were finding work in areas such as hospitality and construction.

I find the point he makes about older workers more interesting and it can be very true. All too often we receive calls into the office from individuals who can be at different ends of the mental attitude spectrum. Some can be very timid. They may well have held a senior management role but have gradually given up any real hope of finding another role at their level. Those at the other end can be immediately aggressive and demanding. They have had enough of recruitment companies and employers who clearly have no vision when it comes to employing them. Recruitment companies are, as far as these individuals are concerned, put on this earth to serve them and do their bidding – which inevitably means getting them a job. They have no grasp of the concept that we are paid by our clients to find the person best suited to their role. Demands of feedback follow rejection and then begins the pointless debate on opinions.

If I could make one plea to older workers trying to “get back on the horse” it would be to…. maintain your dignity and a sense of humour. Timidity or aggression won’t work – and nor will you if you display either trait. 

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