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April Recruitment Survey. The importance of the Passive Candidate.

08 May 2015

The results are in from the April Recruitment Survey for KPMG contributed to locally by Badger Associates. The key points from the survey are that we are seeing the strongest increase in permanent staff appointments in eight months. Temp billings growth eases to six-month low – although we remain stubbornly out of the temp market. There is an acceleration of pay growth for permanent and temporary staff.

Recruitment at Senior Management level and above is increasing dramatically as companies continue to poach each other’s top talent to improve their own performance. This has resulted in a lot more roles being filled without being advertised and we are becoming increasingly involved in this type of headhunting operation on behalf of the region’s premier employers. Some companies continue the stubborn traditional approach to hiring but they are becoming increasingly disadvantaged by not utilising specialised advice and services – but I would say that wouldn’t I? What is undeniable is that this surge of executive hiring is a strong indication of underlying business sentiment and their ambitions for the future.

However, the survey indicates that across the UK, while the highest paid are benefiting from the recovery, demand for permanent staff remains more muted in the manufacturing sector. This sector is normally the first to stall in tough times and the last to recover. Thanks fully our region seems to be defying that trend as our manufacturing industries, particularly the high tech ones, seem to be recruiting strongly.

The declining pool of available labour continues to force pay up across the board and companies insisting on offering only average salaries seem unaware that by doing so they are only attractive to people earning below average wages (or no wage at all) and these people are often, but not always, paid below average for a very good reason.  With two in five recruiters in the UK reporting falling candidate availability, spiralling salary growth remains a concern as businesses bid against each other to secure skilled staff. Combine this with the rapidly increasing need to attract the “Passive Candidate” as opposed to the active job seeker and the need to specialist assistance beyond your HR Department makes more sense than ever. Yes, I would say that – but the figures for last month back me up.

For a full copy of the report please call me and I’ll email it across. 

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