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Apple Watch - Must have solution to a problem that doesn't exist, or Norwich Fashion Icon?

22 April 2015

The launch of the Apple Watch following hard on the heels of the Google Glasses has made me wonder how many more things have been invented to solve problems that simply don’t exist. The Apple Watch seems to me to be the latest in a long line. What can you do with the watch that you can’t already do with the phone which never leaves your side anyway? Answer – well, nothing really…

So what else have we had? Not too much research has revealed my favourite – The Air Conditioned Shoes. In truth they are normal shoes with holes in the soles. So, they actually trump the Apple Watch as they are not only pointless but they are not even as good as the product they claim to replace.

Keeping with the shoe theme we also have the Shoe Umbrellas. They are exactly what you would imagine. Umbrellas that fit over your shoes. To stop your shoes getting wet. Which of course they don’t!

A company called Kush has given us the Breast Cushion for ladies that sleep. Which I guess is all of them. They are designed to stop the little devils knocking into each other and I’m going no further with this one.

Next challenger to the Apple Watch is the USB Rock. You plug this rock into your USB port and it does….nothing. Absolutely nothing. It doesn’t even tell you the time like an Apple watch.

To top the lot allow me to introduce you to Diet Water. Yup, Diet Water, Water with absolutely no calories or fat in it. Eat your heart out Norfolk Weightwatchers. In truth it beats the Apple Watch as it really does do what it says on the bottle.

The problem is that we have all become so obsessed with our gadgets that The Apple Watch will take off. We will see people fiddling with them on the Norwich Park and Ride and we will see them, coffee carton in one hand, headphones in ears, scarf fashionably tied, staring at their wrist as they hurry to the office in the morning. Just don’t ask them what the point of the watch is….they can’t hear you because they have the headphones in....

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