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Advertising Only Package and why it's a No-brianer

11 June 2015

We have been offering an "Advertising Only" package for three years now but it has remained a "secret" closely guarded by those clients that use it. We haven't pushed it too much as it's not intended to be a replacement for our full-service package or a cheap recruitment option for executive or specialist positions. It is designed for those roles that, a few years ago, we would have advertised with a small box ad or classidfied in the local newspaper on "Jobs Day". The world has moved on and Jobs Day is now for local authorities, education, charities and others who stubbornly cling to the old ways. Today we need to use social media, job boards online, networking as well as local and national newspapers online presence.

To achieve the right level of coverage and attract enough of the right calibre candidates, even for the less senior roles, is now very expensive. Using your local employment agency will be costly and will often see you being offered the contents of their CV cupboard.

For less senior roles there is the "Advertising Only" option from Badger. If we believe your role is suitable we will write the advertisement for you, have it running across multiple platforms within two hours from your approval and you will receive your first applicant CVs within 24 hours. All you need to do is select the ones you are interested in and make contact direct with the candidate. Normally they will be aware that is is you advertising as it will be stated in the advertisement. All this for just £299.00 + vat.

There is an enhanced package available which allows you to ask your candidates pre-screening which are asked by us. You receive the answers with the CV. This enables you to better select from the assembled applicants. There is also a 50% discount available on our psychometric profiling service.

Let's see what some of our long term users have to say about the service.

“Our advertising was running across multiple platforms including social media within 2 hours for a price, and with a coverage, we could only dream about…”  - HR Manager, Norwich, Manufacturing Company.

“Within 24 hours we were getting fresh applicants applying specifically for our role. Not picked from a database in the hope that they might match our needs…” – MD, North Norfolk Insurance company.

“The excellent service included writing the advertisement for us and gave us access to the huge advertising spend of Badger…..outstanding results too.” – Production Manager, Broadland Manufacturing company.

“I can’t argue with the results. For a small investment we were inundated with applicants. OK, not all were suitable, but for the price and speed offered it would be churlish to complain, and no different to if we had advertised ourselves” – Norwich retail store Manager.

“Once we looked at the package it was a no-brainer. Advert written, advertising running in two hours, social media included, loads of applicants the following day…we will certainly be doing it again”. – CEO, Suffolk seach company.

“While we will continue to use the full Badger Service for most of our vacancies we will certainly be using the “Advertising Only” Service for our less senior roles. Why wouldn’t we?” – London based Trades Union.

“I can see how it works for all parties. What I don’t understand is why no one has done it before….” – HR Manager – Essex Utlilites company. 

So, if you have an irritating little vacancy that needs advertising and filling we can offer a simple, truly cost effective and proven method of recruiting that makes so much sense. It really is a no-brainer.

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