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A little story for the weekend with a moral....

24 April 2015

In 1908 a Newcastle United fan, Gladstone Adams, drove all the way to Crystal Palace to see his team in the Cup Final. It was at Crystal Palace Park so the facilities would have been much better than at the current Crystal Palace ground! Newcastle lost 3-1.

Cars were such a rarity in those days that Gladstone left his car in a car showroom while he was at the game as people wanted to see it.

The long journey home was punctuated by lots of stops as it was snowing and Adams had to keep getting out to clear the snow away. This experience lead him to invent the windscreen wiper which he patented 3 years later.

The moral of the story is, of course, if you are going to drive to London to watch Newcastle get beaten by Wolves in the Cup Final – invent windscreen wipers first! 

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