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4 reasons to retain and cherish your company culture.

02 July 2020

4 reasons to retain and cherish your company culture.

Company culture is a vital ingredient in brand awareness and perception. For evidence just look around at companies whose culture, and how they value their workers, links directly to how we perceive them as a business and how much we want to trade with them.

But company culture has another important place when it comes to attracting the best people and encouraging them to join your organisation. Let’s face it, no one wants to work for a company that has a reputation for treating its staff badly. It’s not just management and HR who are responsible for projecting this culture, it’s all your employees. So how do you get to that enviable position?

  1. Get your recruitment right.

I would say that, wouldn’t I! You can go a long way to achieving this by ensuring that your recruitment process is robust and thorough, by assessing candidates’ characteristics, values and aspirations – this will help you to find people who are already aligned with your business values. Some forward thinking companies actually put great emphasis on this in their recruitment advertising. Your best candidates should then be aligning themselves to your culture at interview.

  1. Get the message across right from the ‘get-go’.

Early on in the induction process, tell your new colleague tell that every employee is responsible for creating and developing the company culture. Make it absolutely clear. By communicating this from the start, you set clear expectations and give them the confidence and authority to take ownership of your culture.

  1. Everyone needs to ‘get it’.

Every person within the business should uphold the values and culture through their attitude and behaviour both inside and outside the work place. The goal is to make them proud ambassadors for the business. Part of nurturing a great culture that helps you attract future talent is by sharing this with people outside the company – encourage employees to share their experiences and what they love about working for the company on social media.

  1. Reinforce at every opportunity.

Whenever an opportunity presents itself, use it. Project an image of the great culture within the company across every possible media outlet. There may be no such thing as bad publicity (although I rather doubt that!), but there is nothing better than good publicity. Imagine yourself as one of your employees travelling in to work and hearing or seeing something positive about the company they are about to go into battle for. How are they going to be feeling? More importantly, how are they going to come across to your clients during the day…and what’s that going to do for your bottom line.

Simple steps, and many at zero cost to the business, but getting the culture right and nurturing it can pay huge dividends at the best of times and is absolutely crucial in times of worry and uncertainly.

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