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10 ways that clients can completely hack off a recruitment company...

18 August 2015

Several candidates have been in touch and asked me to redress the balance a bit by setting out what clients do that make our lives….well, challenging. So, at the risk of destroying the company here goes….

  1. When we ask what salary range you have in mind – just tell us that you’d like to see who applies and decide then. This tells us that you will be looking for the cheapest option available and will be horrified when we produce candidates who are outside the range that you had firmly in mind from the outset.
  2. Assure us that we are working exclusively with you on this thereby commanding our very best rate. Make no mention at the outset that you have asked twenty five other recruitment companies to look for the same person for you.
  3. When we come to visit you, keep us waiting around for 30 minutes even after the Receptionist has called you and told you that the “A Rep from the Job Agency is here for you”. I’m not a f*****g Rep! I’m here to do your miserable company a big favour. So, treat me with some respect.
  4. Whatever fee percentage we quote draw in a sharp breath and tell us that you already have other companies working for half that and would we like to reconsider. These days the answer is “No thanks”.
  5. When we uncover an excellent applicant drop us a quick email telling us that you already have the CV six times thus alerting us to the fact that we are NOT the only people investing/wasting our time and money into this project.
  6. When we send you a set of outstanding CVs please feel free to completely ignore us. Wait for at least a month then come back to us and tell us you would like to see them all – TOMORROW. Act very surprised when the best ones have already found other jobs and imply that we are somehow to blame.
  7. …Then, drop us a quick email the next morning and explain that Gladys has to go to a meeting to discuss the location of the drinks machine so can we change all the interviews until next Wednesday.
  8. Having interviewed all the candidates you like the look of tell us that none are suitable. Then, the following week call your chosen candidate direct and offer them the job. Because we are, after all, completely stupid and will never find out. Oh, yes we will!
  9. Once you have employed someone why not wait until the week before your warranty runs out and decide that you don’t think they fit in to your organisation – in truth you are too mean to pay our invoice that you have been holding on to, despite the fact that you know the warranty is dependent on it being paid on time.
  10. Finally, if you are an HR Manager and we have placed you in your current role, why not use any other recruitment company or method of recruitment except us, to ensure that your new boss sees you as being a real CIPD professional and not showing favour to the company that placed you.