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10 Top tips for Candidates and Interviewers for Video Interviewing

24 August 2020

Today we look at 10 top tips for candidates and interviewers when conducting video interviews. It's surprising how both parties to video interviews seem to be making basic mistakes and not getting the best out of each others. Here are a few pointers to act as a memory jogger. We all know how it should be done. 

Candidates top tips for video interviews.

  • Be prepared. Have the software loaded.
  • Get to a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed by family members or colleagues walking past.
  • Laptop or tablet is far better than your phone. It gives you a fixed platform and allows you to see the interviewer better.
  • Do some ‘trial runs’ with friends and get used to the system you will be using.
  • Make sure your face is central to the screen.
  • Choose your background and clothing sensibly. You know what looks right. Remember - this is an interview.
  • Have your questions ready. Avoid the awkward pause when asked if you have any.
  • Practice not looking around you during the meeting.
  • Don’t fiddle with your equipment. Get it set up and leave it alone.
  • Remember at all times – this IS your interview. It’s important to make a good first impression.

Interviewers top tips for video interviews.

  • Be prepared and online when the candidate logs in to the meeting.
  • Ask how many video meetings they have been through and make allowances.
  • Welcome them warmly and put them at their ease. You want to see them at their best.
  • Behave professionally at all times. You are the ‘grown up’ in this situation. Don’t let your eyes wander. Concentrate. 
  • Choose a quiet place and avoid disturbances. You wouldn’t tolerate it in a live situation. Treat this the same.
  • Explain your location but keep your background as bland as possible to avoid distractions. A background of you sitting by a pool in Spain sipping cocktails is hardly suitable!
  • Get yourself properly ‘framed’ and comfortable. Obviously use a laptop or desktop for the best results.
  • Adapt your questioning style to the new normal. Make the meeting more conversational and give them plenty of opportunity to talk by asking ‘open’ questions.
  • Make sure the candidate understands the next stage of the process if you intend bringing them into your premises. Assure them about your safety measures and advise on any special requirements.
  • Have your questions ready but don’t read them from a piece of paper. Again, you wouldn’t do that ‘live’ so don’t do it now.
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