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The best time ever to recruit! Honestly!

THERE'S PROBABLY NEVER BEEN A BETTER TIME TO RECRUIT....and here's why. Clearly, the jobs market has suffered due to the impact of the pandemic. However, we remain confident that, despite the onset of Lockdown 3.0, hope is on the horizon for 2021. We have received more vacancies over the last few months than at any other time since the pandemic began and 82% of job seekers are hopeful 2021 will be the Read More

Are you an Interviewing Mouse or an Interviewing Dragon?

Are you an Interviewing Mouse or an Interviewing Dragon? A look at different interviewing styles and how to get the very best out of your applicants. I’m sure we will all have come across many different styles over the years. Some good, some frankly appalling. We all have our own style, and our own faults. The secret is to know what our weaknesses are and to keep them at the front of our mind when we are interviewing. Read More

10 Top tips for Candidates and Interviewers for Video Interviewing

Today we look at 10 top tips for candidates and interviewers when conducting video interviews. It's surprising how both parties to video interviews seem to be making basic mistakes and not getting the best out of each others. Here are a few pointers to act as a memory jogger. We all know how it should be done.  Candidates top tips for video interviews. Be prepared. Have the software loaded. Get to a quiet place Read More
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